Art Education

Art Education (2-Year MVA)

This course is designed for and focused on preparing art educators for the future. The pedagogical approach is towards creating art educators who are fully aware of the needs of a global and diverse society, are highly knowledgeable about art, its concepts and his histories, along with having the presentation and interpersonal skills required for good teaching. Along with opening up of perception and enhancement in skill, the course also cultivates the innovative kind of intellect and creative sensibilities. The course integrates art history, art criticism, along with studio, community and public art making stressing on how art education can influence societal beliefs and value systems.

Careers: The program inculcates skills such as leadership, critical thinking, and better communication, making them in demand across various industries. A variety of career paths are available for graduates of art education programs. Individuals could become art teachers to children, teenagers or even adults.

Others may choose to work as curriculum directors. For those who do not wish to teach full-time, possible options include working as a museum curator or running an art studio. Some graduates may become full-time professional artists, and others could decide to supplement their full-time jobs as part- time artists taking commission work.

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