Outreach undertakes projects related to social side of design.

WUD's Outreach connects the in-house experience, learning and training facilities to service the requirements of those outside its regular education and client service activities. They may be organisation, groups and individuals. Outreach collaborators include SMEs, hand & craft industries, other institutions of education and training, voluntary organisation and central or state bodies working in social/ priority sectors.

Under outreach WUD organizes workshop and training programmes tailored to the specific needs of particular groups, aimed at assisting them to put design awareness in schools, at primary and secondary levels.

Industry Programmes

IP organizes workshops and short programmes for design awareness.

As part of its mandate, WUD's Industry Programmes division (IPD) conducts 'on demand' design related sensitization, awareness & training workshops, seminars, and activities on specific topics that help provide a competitive edge to the industry. WUD brings together for this purpose, the vast knowledge and skills of its faculty members as also professionals, practitioners, teachers from various industries, organizations, and institutions.

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