MPA Music (2 years)
The Master of Performing Arts (MPA) in Music is an exhilarating 2-year postgraduate program that serves as a catalyst for students to unleash their creative potential and delve into this specialized area of study. Whether it's performance, production, administration, teaching, or research, this program equips students with the necessary skills to excel in the field of music. What sets this program apart is its unwavering focus on an interdisciplinary approach, fostering collaboration, embracing new media practices, and exploring the theoretical foundations of music. In addition to honing their artistic abilities, students also gain invaluable insights into self-management, promotion, and marketing, crucial aspects of the performing arts industry. Our esteemed faculty, consisting of accomplished academicians, seasoned professionals, and visiting artists, brings a wealth of knowledge and experience, providing guidance and facilitating critical debates on various music-related subjects. The ultimate aim is not only to expose students to the myriad possibilities of applying music in diverse contexts but also to nurture and expand their unique qualities as musicians and holistic artists. With this program, graduates can embark on rewarding careers that allow them to make a lasting impact in the world of music and beyond.

The career prospects of this program are vast, empowering aspiring musicians to forge their own paths and thrive in a variety of roles. Graduates emerge as independent and thoughtful musicians, ready to pursue careers as performers, teachers, composers, arrangers, content writers, administrators, music therapists, artistic directors, researchers, resource persons, authors, or consultants. Moreover, after successfully completing a Master's in Performing Arts, students can choose to further their studies by enrolling in a PhD program in Performing Arts, opening up even more opportunities for advanced research and specialization. With the comprehensive skills and knowledge gained from this program, graduates are well-equipped to make a meaningful impact in the dynamic world of music and beyond.


Core Specialization
Musical Performance studies I Musical Performance studies II Emotional Expression through Music Project Documentation
Technology in Music Composing and Improvisation Recording Technique & Improvisation Solo performance of self composed piece and Viva-Voce
Music and Creative Synergies Advance Music Therapy/Pedagogy/Arts Administration Practices Ensemble Design/Production Design Process  
Non - Core
Lives and Works of Masters Theory & Approaches to Music Education Philosophy and Performance Practice  
Creative methods of artistic enquiry Rehearsal Procedure and Etiquette Perspectives in Music  
Psychology of music Current trends in music theory Music within socio-cultural contexts Ensemble Production Design Project
Research Methodology and Documentation The Concepts of Music in Textual Tradition Arts Management and Digital Arts  
Common Elective Common Electives Common Electives  
  Common Electives Common Electives  

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