MPA Dance (2 years)
Our MPA (Dance) is a 2 year post graduate program that will help students develop their creative skills and also further their studies in a more specialist field, be it choreography, therapy, administration, teaching, along with performing. This course highly focuses on interdisciplinary approach, on site, collaboration, screen-based practice and exploring the theoretical underpinning of the dance practices. The administration aspect of the course prepares the student for the self management, promotion and marketing aspect of the performing arts field and the theoretical aspect deepen their understanding of dance performance as well as production design.
From the second semester onwards students get the opportunity to choose their field of specialization and create professional projects under the supervision of expert faculty to develop their practice with a unique vision.
The faculty comprises of academicians, field experts, visiting artists who have extensive professional experience to guide the students through a wealth of literature in various dance related fields, and also encourages them to have critical debate about self and other students practice. The idea is to not only get the students acquainted with the possibilities of applying dance art in various contexts but also, deepen and expand their unique qualities as dancers, performers and holistic artists.

This program creates innumerable feasible career options by empowering a young aspirant to become independent, thoughtful dance artist with the necessary skills to emerge as performer, choreographer, teacher, fitness expert, content writer, administrator, dance therapist, artistic director, researcher, resource person, author or consultant. Also after successful completion of a Masters in Performing Arts, students can choose to further their studies by enrolling on PhD program in Performing Arts.


Dance Practicum I- Contemporary Body Practices and Movement Analysis Dance Practicum II- In Performance Dance Practicum III-Choreography Project Documentation
Prevention and Care of Movement Injuries Movement Technique & Improvisation: Somatic Research Mediated Choreography and Screen Dance Solo performance of self choreographed dance and Viva-Voce
Dance Repertory and Creative Synergies Advance Dance Therapy/Pedagogy/Arts Administration Practices Ensemble Design/Production Design Process Solo performance of self choreographed dance and Viva-Voce
Non - Core
Lives and Works of Masters Theory & Approaches to Dance Education Philosophy and Performance Practice  
Creative methods of artistic enquiry Rehearsal Procedure and Etiquette Perspectives in Dance  
The Technical aspects of Dance Performance (Theory and Practical) Theory - Dance in Museums, Galleries and Historic Sites Dance and movement within socio-cultural contexts Ensemble Production Design Project
Research Methodology and Documentation The Concepts of Dance in Textual Tradition Arts Management and Digital Arts  
Common Elective Common Electives Common Electives  
  Common Electives Common Electives  

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