Industrial Design

Industrial Design (2 Year M.Des)

Industrial Design as a profession empowers the professional to design consumer centric products and systems related to industry, medical, computer, electronics, environment, and many such verticals. An industrial designer is not just well versed in aesthetics but also has the engineering point of perspective to enable a better production technology for the product. The masters program is designed to build a critical mind that has basic design, visualization, communication and engineering skills. Students learn through free hand sketches, computer aided design (using Adobe Creative Cloud, Alias, Sketchbook, RHINO 3D etc.) various studio workshops (Metal, Plastic, Automotive Clay, Wood, Paint etc.), visiting lectures, and practical hands-on working with the materials. Students are encouraged to learn not only from the course material but also from the various disciplines related to the same. The program maintains close links with the industry, both in order to keep in touch with the latest developments in industrial processes, and to ensure that the course remains relevant and comprehensive.

The opportunities out of this programme are varied. It includes working for the industry, design or architectural studio or setting up an independent practice. Industrial Design imparts the learner with artistic bent, technological approach and marketing knowledge. He/she can be a designer at a manufacturer, a design consultant or even an entrepreneur. You can end up with designations such as - Product Designer, Design Consultant, Accessory Designer, Furniture Designer, Electronics Equipment Designer etc.

Industrial Design (2-year MDes) Curriculum

Design Methodology and Research- Project Workshop - Model Making Interaction Design
Non Core
Design Fundamentals Human factors and ergonomics Product Semantics
Form Studies Communication and Presentation techniques Representation techniques - Animation
Language Design Ethnography
History of Design
Design Drawing Computer Aided Industrial Design - II Design Detailing
Computer Aided Industrial Design - I Design innovation and Management
Material and Processes
Common Elective Common Elective Common Elective
Industry Ready
Design Project - I Design Project - II Master`s Thesis Project
Internship Documentation and Presentation

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