Fashion Art

Fashion Art (2-Year MVA)

This course focuses on creating fashion illustrators who will be able to meet the requirements of the rising demands of the fashion and entertainment industries. The unique feature of this course is the manner in which Art and Fashion are brought together in terms of concept and skill. With an emphasis on fashion trends and artistic practice, students will study fashion, illustration, the related histories along with studying fashion figures, different mediums and techniques. They will be guided to develop their individual styles through which they can create branding and identities for themselves.

The course has a perfect mix of classrooms, studios and industry as learning spaces for the student. Creativity and experimentation are the key features of the pedagogical focus of the course making sure that our students are always able to innovate and rebrand themselves throughout their professional journey. A key feature of the course is exposure to various kinds of 2D/ 3D software and techniques making our students equipped to face the technological challenges of the future world.

Careers: Fashion brands, design houses, architects, graphic design companies, advertising agencies, media, event and entertainment companies, trend forecasters and the publishing industry are looking out for and hiring fashion illustrators. The internet and social media have also opened up new possibilities of individual professional practice.

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