Design Strategy & Management

Design Strategy & Management (Executive MBA)

World University of Design offers an executive MBA in Design Strategy & Management. This is a holistic program in Design Strategy & Management covering Strategy formulation along the lines of Design thinking, Strategic Innovation via the Management principles aligned to the design principles. Design thinking led innovation is becoming the current mantra.

What could be a better place to learn all this than a Design University?

Through this program, participants will gain Knowledge of the tools that will be useful to create design strategies, design led innovation strategies across the various industries. Industries have adopted Design strategy & Innovation as the lifeline to survive and grow. The Participants in this program will be able to leverage their learning in their organisations by joining the Innovation team, leading design teams, being strategy team members and lead teams better post this MBA.

The curriculum has been designed in a way that will allow working professionals to learn as well as continue with their jobs. A working professional desires learning that’s engaging and enjoyable so that the learning becomes easy and applicable too. This MBA offers exactly the learning environment and infrastructure to suit this need.


Various industries ranging from IT, Manufacturing, Fashion, Logistics, Pharmacy, banking etc have huge teams in design. Today, the world is moving to a new media era of AI & VR (Artificial Intelligence & Virtual Reality). This means that there will be a huge need for Design Strategist s in the above industries. Tomorrow only a generic MBA will not suffice to survive. The participants will imbibe and enhance their creative thinking ability & build up their innovation capacity via this program. This will prepare them for future and enable them to create better opportunities for themselves to survive the challenges future brings in.

Design Strategy & Management (Executive MBA) Curriculum





Core Specialization

Design Principles

Strategy & Innovation

Start up and new venture Management

Innovation Management

Principles of Marketing

Human Centred Design

Systems Design

Merchandise Management

Design Strategy & Management

Design Research Methodolgies

Design Audit

Design Business Creation

Capstone I

Business Design

Self - Project / Internship

Non - Core

Accounting for Business Decisions

Operations & supply chain management

Business, Government & Society

Business Planning

Management Fundamentals

User Experience Design

Business Informatics & Systems


Capstone II

Capstone III


Common Elective

Common Elective

Common Elective

Common Elective

Common Elective

Common Elective

Industry Ready

Case Study

Case Study

Case Study

Case Study

Industry visit

Industry visit

Industry visit

Industry visit

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