Professional Automotive Modelling

Professional Automotive Modelling (1 Year Diploma)

This diploma program prepare you for employment as a 3D modeler in the transportation and product design industries. Coursework includes the essential techniques of hand modeling for pre-visualizing final products in clay. The program prepares you for high demand positions at original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) in the auto and product industries. This course is designed to give you the chance to develop the skills and understanding to work as a modeler in all fields of Automotive and Transport Design. This includes cars, motorbikes, boats, vehicles and vehicle interiors, as well as emerging areas such as electric vehicles.

Graduates from this course can find leading positions in the automotive and transport industry as modelers, sculptors or professionals within established automotive companies, in-house design teams at leading design companies or setting up their own creative business. The career paths for successful graduates are flexible and diverse.

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