DANCE / MUSIC / Theatre

DANCE / MUSIC / Theatre (4-year BPA, 2-year MPA, Integrated MPA 5 year)

BPA (4 years) – Music/ Dance/ Theatre
The undergraduate course will prepare the student with a strong base in the theories of performance, the nuances of the classical, folk and contemporary arts, the rudiments of production and presentation along with rigorous insight into the field of specialisation viz: Dance (classical/contemporary) or Music Studies(Classical/modern) or Theatre Arts(classical & experimental). They will be exposed to the practical and theoretical practices of performance and introduced to literary, historical, traditional and cultural explorations of performing arts across cultures. As an extension of the learning received during the current crisis, the students will also be taught the use and control of digital media to promote and present the performing arts.

MPA (2 years) – Music/ Dance/ Theatre
The master’s program builds into the project and research-based inquiry of the subject and prepares the student to emerge an expert in the interdisciplinary application and negotiation of the knowledge of performing arts to negotiate and mould social and cultural behaviours. They will also engage in a largely project-based study of the implementation of these learnings and produce research studies on the impact of the performing arts on history and technology. The program is largely oriented towards producing cultural administrators.

Integrated MPA (5 years) – Music/ Dance/ Theatre
The integrated post-graduate program combines the course of both the undergraduate and the graduate courses, with the added advantage of getting duel degrees in a shorter period of continued specialisation and project work.

All the courses include elements of cross-media communication, both written spoken formats, language and presentation skills, storytelling as a core of the art of performance and acting (abhinaya) as an indivisible part of mastering the arts. Management is a core stream running through all the learning initiatives, preparing the students for a robust and buttressed future in the industry.

The advantage of WUD with its exclusive focus on design and design management, enriches the programs with industry and academic experts from all the allied sectors that influence the performing arts. Our students engage in the art through the crafts of the trade, with a liberal segment of the learning transmitted through practical and experiential elements of instruction. They learn to understand, explore, comprehend, interpret, analyse, observe and create the integral constituents of culture as derived from performing arts.

The course, with its strong focus on industry requirements and wide-based curriculum for a holistic understanding of the impact and implementation of the performing arts genre, prepares our students for a career in almost any field – academic instruction, media across stage, film and television, corporate institutions in the role of Human Resource enablers, event management and promotional agencies, production companies and both national and international community-led behavioural change initiatives.

Chath Piersath - Everything around you can use. It's like your tools and your material. Whether it's in performing arts like dance, or visual arts, or poetry, a lot of those elements can come and help you, can trigger your creativity. But you have to be open, be aware, and you have to be ready to look.

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