Digital Drawing & Illustration

Digital Drawing & Illustration (4-Year BVA)

This is a unique undergraduate course specially designed to keep pace with changing technology and its role in art and culture. The curriculum integrates traditional drawing and illustration with digital technologies that further the dimensions of these mediums. This is the only undergraduate course in India, looking at drawings in a holistic and futuristic way. Stress will be given on the development of individual styles with a strong conceptual foundation.

Digital Drawing and Illustration students will develop skills with a variety software-based skills, yet constantly being exposed to traditional media methods and conceptual drawing skills. They will also be taught to integrate their works with photography and animation. Critical thinking, innovation, self- assessment and presentation techniques are an important part of the course along with direct industry exposure.

Careers: The future of the creative industry rests on drawing and it is a key skill and ability sought after across all creative industries. Drawing based visualization and illustration skills are required in the product, automobile, textile, graphic and fashion design industries along with a heavy demand from the printing and publishing industry. Young professionals specializing in drawing are also important for concept mappings, storyboarding, animation and comic industries.

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