BPA Dance (4 years)
Education is one of the most virtuous weapons of any individual. Therefore a well-rounded performing arts course is essential for every student who wishes to emerge as a changemaker in this field.
Our BPA is a comprehensive educational program that nurtures both the practice and the performance aspect of dance. It is an amalgamation of various dance practices, critical thinking; contemporary theory with performance, choreography, administration and production experience, that will help the students launch their professional career with an eclectic approach.
This undergraduate course will prepare the student with a strong base in the theories of performance, the nuances of the classical, folk and contemporary dance, the rudiments of production and presentation along with rigorous insight into the global dance field. They will be exposed to the practical and theoretical practices of performing arts across cultures.
Our faculty consists of leading dance and allied arts experts who encourage students to think about dance beyond performance and focus on dance-making in a creative environment. Students learn to support their practice with research in choreography, performance, dance therapy, pedagogy, art administration, and study dance in its historical, social, cultural and digital contexts.
Students get a chance to work closely with experienced teachers, professional dancers and choreographers in classes with live/recorded music. Moreover, they can refine their dance practice in spacious studios, aesthetically designed open spaces and a well-equipped studio for screen dance/digital practices.
As an extension of the learning received during the current crisis, the students will also learn the use and control of digital media to promote and present the performing arts.
This course aims to build and expand the knowledge of dance through its physical, intellectual, and exploratory dimensions. Moreover, it will help students understand themselves and their unique artistic voice by emphasizing practical and theoretical lessons. In turn, this will enable students to make informed choices as holistic artists.

This program creates innumerable feasible career options by empowering a young aspirant to become independent, thoughtful dance artist with the necessary skills to emerge as performer, choreographer, teacher, fitness expert, content writer, administrator, dance therapist, artistic director, researcher, resource person, author or consultant.


Dance Practice-Constructing the Body – Level I Dance Practice-Constructing the Body - Level II Choreography 1–Movement/ Design Techniques and Improvisation Chorography II-Expressions in Dance Chorography III- Experimental Techniques Of National And International Dance Chorography IV- Collaborative Creation Stage performance and Viva-Voce Stage performance and Viva-Voce
Yoga and Pilates for Dancers Somatic practice I- Martial Art dance forms Somatic Practice II- Contemporary Dance Dance Science and Somatic Practice Dance for Camera-I Dance for Camera-II Stage performance and Viva-Voce Stage performance and Viva-Voce
Safe Dance Practices Creative Synergies Dance Therapy- I Dance Therapy- II Costume, Make up, Light Design & Stage Management I Costume, Make up, Light Design & Stage Management II Personal Portfolio Development Professional Portfolio (Working with Professional Artist as a Intern)
Non - Core
Musical Aspects of Dance – I Musical Aspects of Dance – II Dance & Allied arts New Media and Performance Practice I New Media and Performance Practice II Collaborative Practice    
Introduction to Indian Performing Arts Overview of International Dance            
Theory I- Dance in Society Theory II -Study of History of Dance and Global Perspective Theory III- Study of Important Texts for Dance Theory IV- Research and Documentation Dance in Education-I Dance in Education- II Project Work  
Dance, Sustainability and the Environment I Dance, Sustainability and the Environment II Poetry and Dance Philosophy and Dance Performance Practice Arts Administration I Arts Administration II Project Work  
  Common Common Elective Common Elective Common Common Elective Common Elective  
  Elective     Elective      
    Common Elective   Common Elective Common Elective Common Elective  

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