Film & Video

Film & Video (4-Year B.Des)

The Program has been designed keeping in mind the aesthetic and commercial aspects of contemporary film making and the change brought about with the advent of modern digital technology, making the medium more accessible to all. It focuses on developing a strong conceptual understanding of film as a medium of communication as well as narrative story-telling and how it can be applied as a tool of self-expression, social communication, corporate branding, advertising as well as mainstream entertainment. It aims at sensitizing the students to the core concepts of design in film form, while providing them with the necessary technical knowledge and hands-on experience with cutting edge digital tools related to video production and the cinema arts. The exhaustive core courses delve into the intricacies of film theory, screenwriting, film direction, cinematography, production design, art direction, sound design, photography, editing and video post-production.

As a part of the courses the students are required to undertake numerous film projects of different genres including short fiction film, documentary, television commercials, spots and music videos. The film projects aim at a professional level of production and include multi-cam setups, professional lighting and cinematography as well as latest post-production tools involving video editing, motion graphics, sound design and special effects. These projects encourage the development of observational skills, background research, technical proficiency and creative participation all through the production process under the mentorship of experienced professionals. The elective courses allow students to gain additional inputs in areas of their specific interest ranging from special effects to experimental cinema. This diversified yet specialized approach to film making provides scope for the students to find space and excel in their field of expertise, related to the diverse fields of cinema, television, digital communication and the media arts.

After undergoing the comprehensive FVD program, the students find their calling in various aspects of film making as a screen writer, director, cinematographer, video editor, VFX designer, art director, sound designer, motion graphic artist or as a post-production specialist. While graduates may make a rewarding career as an independent film-maker, there is wide scope for working in the industry with commercial film directors, production houses, TV channels, advertising agencies or digital media marketing companies.

B. Des. (Film and Video) Curriculum

Design Drawing- Freehand, Analytical & Perspective Journey of Cinema-esthetical and Technical Film Theory & Film Appreciation Animation and Special Effects Composting Brand Development and Advertisement Film  
Fundamentals of Design-1 3D Modelling Basics Advanced Cinematography Music Composition and Recording Collaborative Multi Cam - Narrative Fiction  
Fundamentals of Design- Solid Form, Space & Structure Still Photography Particle and Dynamics/ Simulations (3D) Production Planning Film for Instructional Communication  
  Introduction to Cinematography        
Non Core
Design Process   Game Design      
Environment Exposure   Short Fiction Film      
Digital Tools 1 Advanced Image Processing and Vector Graphics Applications Introduction to Editing and Technical Formats Film Language and Narrative Exercises Collaborative Documentation Multi Cam Event    
  Introduction to Sound Recording        
  Fundamentals of Documentary Film Making        
      Common Elective Professional Elective  
Industry Ready
      Portfolio Demo Reel Exploratory Documentary Industrial Internship
      Promotional Documentary   Degree Project Thesis

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