Animation & Game Design

Animation & Game Design (4-Year B.Des)

The animation & Games Industry in India is acquiring a global identity providing numerous employment opportunities both nationally and globally. It has also been playing a key role in establishing the country as an outsourcing facility for the European and the North American sector. They are identified as key economic boosting areas for the entertainment industry and overall economic growth factor for India. With the ever-growing demand for technology and development in the AR/VR industry and penetration across platforms like mobiles, tablets, consoles, and PCs; the Animation and Games industry is exploding and evolving continuously.

The animation & Game Design course at WUD prepares students to create solutions through the design medium with creativity as the core focal point. This course exclusively deals with Animation, Game Development on a large scale especially focusing on the entertainment industry. During the course, students will be equipped with skills and techniques of animation and games such as Visual Development, Fundamentals of Animation And Game Development, Character Design & Story Boarding, Stop-motion, VFX for Film & Games, 3D Art, Environment Art, Character Design, Creature Design, Concept Art, Level Design, Lighting and CGI skill-set maintaining a strict level of Industry-standard practices and standards along with Industry professionals/ experts guidance and support.

The students will go through the entire production pipeline and process right from ideation to screen for an Animation film until manufacturing a full-scale playable environment with its characters animations as well as scripts and codes involved for games. The essential grasp over the narrative content combined with proficiency and design techniques goes toward creating an effective piece of communication. The course strikes a balance between technology and art, the ever-evolving trends and changing technology are integrated seamlessly in the design process. The program facilitates Industry Internship as well as Industry Project and visits. The University also has a Student Exchange Programme, in association with reputed Universities abroad like VFS and ECUAD

There are huge prospects in Animation & Game Design career. Today developing games find use not only in the entertainment industry but in Education, Marketing, Sports, Aviation, and many other verticals. A learner can develop his career as Art Director, Concept Artist, Environment Artist, Material Artist, Principal Artist, Visualizer, Level Designer, Game Developer, Game Tester, etc., based on their strengths and interest areas. Today, there are a lot of game studios and art companies in India the demand is drastically increasing especially in the PC Mobile, AR/VR, and Social gaming sector, which also strongly increases the scope of entrepreneurship in the industry.

B.Des (Animation and Game Design) Curriculum

Animation/Game Foundations Introduction Lighting , Shading & Composition 2D Digital Concept Art For Creatures/Characters/ Environments 3D Charatcer / Creature Design 1 3D Charatcer / Creature Design 2  
Drawing Illustration -1 Clay Animation Drawing Illustration -2 3D Rigging & Skinning - 1 3D Rigging & Skinning - 2  
Introduction to 2D / Puppet Animation 3D Weapon, Mech & Vehicle Design 1 - Maya 3D Weapon, Mech & Vehicle Design 2 - Maya 3D Animation Character 1 3D Animation Character 2  
3D Modeling Introduction - Maya Game Engine – Unreal Engine 4 Game Level Design – Unreal Engine 4 3D Environments 2 Z Brush High Rez Sculpting  
Photography & Cinematography Story Writing & Acting For Animation & Games 3D Environments 1 Lighting & Rendering For Games Lighting & Rendering For Animation  
History & Techniques Of Animation Introduction to Game technologies Game Engine - Unity Shader Technology For Games Visual Scripting & Blueprints For Games  
  Mythology For The Modern World History Of Art    
          Degree Project

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