Disaster Resilient Planning & Design

DISASTER RESILIENT PLANNING & DESIGN (Course start date is 1st October 2021)

COVID pandemic has brought into sharp focus this emerging field of specialisation in disaster management for architects, designers and engineers in India. Large-scale disasters cause considerable damage to the built environment, resulting in serious disruptions to normal human activities and billions of rupees in property damages. Strategic planning & design can protect the human habitat & critical infrastructure from damage in an event of natural or man-made calamities. This one year diploma programme aims at developing skills and knowledge to critically analyse and apply key concepts in disaster management theory, research, policy and practice, such as vulnerability, resilience, governance, disaster risk reduction and sustainable development; Learn from an interdisciplinary team of professionals, drawing on ideas and methods in design, construction, geography, history, politics, development studies and arts; Develop sufficient knowledge to apply planning & design skills and competencies to meet disaster management career demands; Engage in disaster preparedness and response with the people, projects and organisations that shape humanitarian, health, disaster management, conflict response and intervention issues across India. Some of the areas which'll be covered are -

• Understanding Disasters (Natural & Man-Made)
• Disaster, Design and Development
• Climate Change, Design and Disasters
• Ecosystems and Habitat
• Risk Assessment and Vulnerability Analysis
• Policy, Institutions, Governance and Disaster Management
• Humanitarian Architecture
• Introduction to Planning: Urban, Realm and Regional Planning
• Introduction to Urban Design
• Disaster Resilience & Preparedness
• Building Built Environment Resilience
• Disaster Resilient Landscapes
• Humanitarian Design Thinking
• Disaster Risk Reduction and Development Planning
• Post Disaster Project Management
• Shelter and Settlements after Disasters
• Introduction to Public Health and Mental Health in Disasters
• Industry Engagement for Disaster, Design and Development
• On Field Internship/ Project

Fee Structure:
Application Fees: Rs 1000
Registration Fees: Rs 18,000
Tuition Fees: Rs 1,20,000

Careers: There are plenty of career opportunities for disaster management professionals in government sector with emergency services, relief groups, law enforcement department and local authorities. Apart from this, there are many opportunities with private agencies and non-profit organizations which cater to disaster management services.
International agencies such as United Nations also appoint disaster management professionals. These professionals are appointed in different capacities such as trainees, assistants, experts, researchers, analysts, engineers, medical health experts, environmental experts, rehabilitation workers, etc. Disaster Management graduates get hired in fire departments, law enforcement, drought management departments, insurance companies, petroleum and chemical industry, and mining industry. Moreover, many organisations have their own disaster management units and need professionals to handle responsibilities.

Top Companies and Salaries: One of the top organisations that hire disaster management graduates is National Disaster Management Authority. Salaries of Disaster Management graduates vary from one job profile to another. The average annual salary for National Disaster Management Authority is Rs 5.5 lakh. Salary estimates were based on 39 National Disaster Management Authority salaries received in financial year 2018-19 from different employees of National Disaster Management Authority. Have a look at the table for the salary break-up on the basis of different job roles.

Eligibility: Graduation in any discipline with minimum 50% marks or equivalent. Architects, Civil Engineers and Candidates with demonstrated interest in working with people in disaster situation would be preferred.
Sponsored candidates from organizations working in the area of disasters would be given special preference.


Ripin Kalra

Disaster Risk Reduction

Ripin Kalra has been working in Disaster Risk Reduction, Low Carbon Development and Climate Resilience since 1992. He has first-hand experience in over 20 countries across Latin America, the Caribbean, South Asia, and Sub-Saharan Africa...

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Mohit Verma

Prof. Mohit Verma is a practicing architect and urban planner for the last 20 years with a core specialisation in the field of disaster resilient planning and sustainable design design. He is the founder of an architecture and....

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Aditi Parikh

Aditi Parikh possesses vast experience in the field of Architecture and design in association with various reputed firms in Ahmedabad and New Delhi....

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Pulama Oinam

Pulama Oinam has graduated from School of Planning and Architecture, New Delhi and holds a Master’s Degree in Urban Planning (M. Plan) from....

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Aastha Kalia

She has graduated from DCRUST, Murthal, and holds a Masters in Sustainable Architecture from the same University. She is trained under....

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Rahul Verma

Rahul Verma has graduated from Faculty of Architecture (former Govt. College of Architecture) Lucknow and holds a Master’s Degree in Urban Planning (M. Plan) from School of Planning , ....

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Gaurav Watts

After graduating as an architect from TVB School of Habitat Studies and completing Masters in Industrial Design in 2011 from School of Planning & Architecture, Delhi gained experience....

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Meena Murthy Kakkar

Meena pursued bachelors of architecture from SPA, Delhi after which started her design quest while bagging accolades in the field as a designer and teacher. Sharing her incredible knowledge....

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Nidhi Pandey

Nidhi is an Architect from University School of Planning & Architecture, 2011 passout. Her expertise in Education/ Social Development Architecture Consultant/Advisor and Interdisciplinary....

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Shobhit Uniyal

Shobhit is a B.Sc from HNB Garhwal University, Dehradun and MBA in International Business from FMS- Banaras Hindu University.....

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Tirthankar Sarkar

He has graduated from Jadavpur University, Kolkata and holds a Master’s Degree in City Planning (M. Plan) from Indian Institute of Technology, Kharagpur. He is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Planning....

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Sadhya Bhatnagar

An architect from Delhi and a 2019 graduate from USAP, GGSIPU, Delhi. Her goal is to contribute to the cause of sustainability through expert guidance of....

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