Rahul Verma has graduated from Faculty of Architecture (former Govt. College of Architecture) Lucknow and holds a Master’s Degree in Urban Planning (M. Plan) from School of Planning and Architecture, New Delhi. He has led projects of the AMRUT Mission (Physical Infrastructure) for the city of Ghaziabad. His inclination is towards Infrastructure and Transportation Planning, Sustainable Urban Renewal and Disaster Management.

After graduating as an architect from TVB School of Habitat Studies and completing Masters in Industrial Design in 2011 from School of Planning & Architecture, Delhi gained experience in the projects of varied scale by virtue of his deep interest in Design. He has been engaged in Architecture education since year 2011. His current interest in developing a progressive ambience of architecture design through rigorous training and exploration

Shobhit is a B.Sc from HNB Garhwal University, Dehradun and MBA in International Business from FMS- Banaras Hindu University. He is a research analyst in the field of disaster management to deal with economics and relief. He is an expert in Disaster management Guidelines.

Nidhi is an Architect from University School of Planning & Architecture, 2011 passout. Her expertise in Education/ Social Development, Architecture Consultant/Advisor and Interdisciplinary approach. She is passionate about studies in geography, History, Architecture and interlinking them for deriving conclusions and student career training, organization, establishment, Education development, Research, Training, organization setup and modern facilities consultant,etc.Her Proficiencies lie in Public administration History, Ethics and Disaster management.

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