Entrepreneurship Session with Mr. Amitabh Singh Jolly

The School of Management, World University of Design organized a learning session with Mr. Amitabh Singh Jolly, Managing Director- CoGlobe UK Ltd. and Partner, Hexagon Consulting.

The session was open for all the students having entrepreneurial aspirations. It was organized with the objective of solving the queries of the students about the journey towards self- discovery. The speaker Mr. Amitabh Singh started the session by discussing about his academic and professional journey. He provided insights from his journey to the students about how he turned from ‘a paid employee’ to an entrepreneur. After his introduction and self-journey, he held an open session with the students.

The students were enthused by the talks and actively participated in the discussions. They had number of queries which were heard and solved patiently by Mr. Jolly. He was appreciative of the student’s queries. The students asked about number of processes in the entrepreneurial journey starting from germination of idea to execution of the idea, production facilities, marketing the idea and generation of funds. Mr. Amitabh was able to satisfy the student’s curiosity about the initial funds, difference between angel investors and venture capitalist, the pro and cons of debt and equity funds and long-term funds vs short term funds generation. The session was successful as the students took the learnings with them which will help them in their onward entrepreneurship journey.

It can be concluded that the growing entrepreneurial thoughts of the students were given the wings to soar higher in the blue sky.


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