UX & Digital Product Design


B.Des UX & Digital Product Design

Given the growing application of digital technology across most sectors and domains, the need for digital tools and application has never been more important. Individuals who marry the skills of creativity and design with the ability to build reliable and supportable software will be increasingly in demand. This course is designed to achieve just such an interdisciplinary skill-set and equip graduates for many opportunities across many fields such as the arts, entertainment/ games, mobile application development, multimedia, product/web design, cyber security, digital analytics and other interactive systems across all sectors. There’ll be an increasing focus on user experience, Interaction Design and Design Methods in all IT products and services.

A creative computing degree like this is a future-proof qualification that prepares for the job market of the future. One will gain the potential to become a developer, innovator and leader in the field, as well as many transferable analytical, problem-solving and critical thinking skills that are in demand across a host of industries. Some examples of the kind of roles that will be open are - Games developer, 3D programmer, Web developer, and Multimedia programmer.

B.Des-UX & Digital Product Design

Visualization skills 2D Fundamentals: Surface and Drawing. Form generation and manipulation 1
Colour and Form
Photo Basics.
Theory and Method Sensory Perception Object-Oriented Design. Fundamentals of Computer Science 1. Fundamentals of Computer Science 2. Interaction Design 1: Responsive. Programming in C++. Foundations of Data Science.
Creative Narration & Visual structure History of Design. Information Design 1. Discrete Structures. Machine Learning and Data Mining 1. Interaction Design 2: Mobile.
The Eloquent Presenter. Algorithms and Data. Algorithms and Data. Physical Computing. Mobile Application Development. Environmental Information Design.
Programming Basics. Interactive Media and Society. Game Programming. Programming Languages.
Execution and services Environmental Studies Material Manipulation and construction Human Computer Interaction. Robotics Wired/Unwired: Cybercultures and Technopolitics.
AI Application's in Design Applied Machine Learning Animation Basics. Virtual Reality
Studio Projects Design Process Context and Systems. Experience Design 1. Design Project 1 Experience Design 2. Design Project 2 Advanced Internet of Things Graduation Project
Professional Approach Identity and Brand Design.
Minor Specialization Typography 1. Graphic Design 1. Graphic Design 2. The City through Data, Texts, Maps, and Networks. Advanced Writing in the Technical Professions.
Database Design.

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