Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA)

Design Strategy & Management (3-Year BBA)

In an interdisciplinary way, the strategy & innovation concentration would have you actively practice Design strategy & Human Centred Design through a pathway of studio courses that teach how to use market insights to build products, create experiences, and launch businesses. In addition to dedicated studio space for heads-down work, students have access to model-making, rapid prototyping, and multimedia technology for the range of projects they take on to bring this work to life. By the end of this programme, you would gain adequate competence enabling them to understand and map the opportunities and design transformational strategies, manage innovation and new business development in any of all the diverse sectors from products to services, governance, crafts to ICT, life and entertainment, etc. and will be equally equipped to enter any industry, social enterprises, consultancy or jobs always contributing to the top management function either as team players or as team leaders or even initiate start-ups.

(a) Data Analytics, Artificial Intelligence & Design Thinking (DA.AI.DT)

Harnessing the potential of emerging disruptive technologies such as data science, artificial intelligence & machine learning requires a new set of professional skills. Business world in coming times will be driven by individuals with expertise to apply these skills to organizational needs and strategies while navigating the ethical, psychological, and societal implications. The program aims to dramatically enhance the ability to make informed decisions of high quality, by making most optimal use of emerging technologies, human centred design and application of design thinking. Design Thinking skills imparted through a hands-on learning journey will help you develop the creative-thinking skills needed to innovate in any organisational context. By elevating your creative thinking skills, you will return to work able to develop and support a creative culture within your organisation. A culture that is capable of confidently pushing and sustaining innovative efforts.

(b) Service Design

This concentration is aimed at future leaders and managers of service-based organizations. It is not sector specific and applies to a wide range of industries including healthcare, finance, IT, travel, retail, education and even oil and gas. The course examines the complex cultural, technological, and systemic issues facing businesses and governments to create new services for now and the future. The programme will prepare students on (a) creation of new consumer services by identifying human needs via Human Centred Design, transformational services, and delivery in complex organisations, for example in retail, banking and hospitality (b) development & innovation in public service and policy in areas such as transportation, health and education, and (c) speculative futures to envision radically new services and user experiences driven by technological, environmental and social challenges. Graduating students will be able to find placements in transport, telecommunications, financial services and retail companies, leading consultancies, government departments and international organisations.

Fashion Business Management (3-Year BBA)

The fashion industry is more diverse than ever and has an array of career paths ranging from strategic to creative, financial and even entrepreneurial. The industry is not limited to models, designers and events, it also needs Managers to take responsibilities, coordinate events, take care of marketing etc. By gaining insight on all facets of the fashion business, from trend prediction and analysis to retailing and marketing; and also getting inputs in event management, HR, product management, brand management and customer service management our graduates can become among the future pioneers shaping the fashion world and catering to the evolving needs of the global fashion consumer.

The course focuses on interdisciplinary collaboration and the integration of design thinking at all levels of Strategy, Planning and Implementation. The students will have unprecedented access to collaborative partnerships throughout their course as they will have had exposure in working closely with students from our fashion design & fashion communication course.

The BBA Fashion Business Management acts as a catalyst to build and develop further relationships with the industry globally to enhance learning and teaching though innovative projects and internships. Students will engage with digital technologies from the outset and will have the opportunity to build their skills throughout the course. The course will offer opportunities for global experience though International study abroad programs.

BBA Curriculum

Academic Area 1 SEM 2 SEM 3 SEM 4 SEM 5 SEM 6 SEM
General Management Principles Of Management Organizational Behaviour Integrated Marketing Business Statistics And Analysis Business Communication
General Management Quantitative Techniques For Managers Entrepreneurship Accounting For Managers Financial Markets And Institutions Public Financial Administration Project Planning
General Management Principles of Marketing Business Research Methods Business & Informatics Systems Business Ethics Investment Analysis And Portfolio Management Project Proposal
General Management Business Organisation Fundamentals Digital Marketing Fundamentals Human Resource Management Brand Management Retail Management
Concentration Areas (Choose one)
DS&M - Design Strategy & Management Principles of Design Innovation - History & Principles Design thinking Methodologies Ergonomics Innovation Capacity Building Capstone Project
DS&M - Design Strategy & Management Design Strategy 1 Systems Thinking Design Strategy 2 Design Curation Application of Design thinking Capstone Project Documentation & Jury
DS&M - Design Strategy & Management Design Research Methodologies UX - User Experience Innovation Strategy UXPM - User Experience - Project Management Design Audit
DA.AI&DT - Data Analytics, Artificial Intelligence, Design thinking Introduction to Data Analytics for business Data Visualisation & Tableau Big Data SQL & Statistics Business Analytics for Decision Making Capstone Project
DA.AI&DT - Data Analytics, Artificial Intelligence, Design thinking Artificial Intelligence Design Research Methodologies Hadoop & Spark Predictive Modelling & Analytics Communicating Business Analytics Result Capstone Project Documentation & Jury
DA.AI&DT - Data Analytics, Artificial Intelligence, Design thinking Principles of Design Design thinking Systems thinking Service Design Exploratory Data Analysis
SD - Service Design Systems thinking Services Marketing Service Blueprinting UXPM - User Experience & Project Management Service Audit Capstone Project
SD - Service Design Information Architecture UX - User Experience Servicescape & Marketing Archetypes Business Model Canvas Capstone Project Documentation & Jury
SD - Service Design Social Entrepreneurship Design Research Methodologies Information Visualisation Customer Journey Mapping Human Centred Design
Fashion Business Management Principles of Fashion Marketing Fashion retail Luxury Fashion Strategies for Fast Fashion Sustainable Fashion Capstone Project
Fashion Business Management Introduction to Fashion Industry Fashion Merchandising Customer Experience Management Strategies for Slow Fashion Fashion Event Management Capstone Project Documentation & Jury
Fashion Business Management International Fashion Business Fashion Ecommerce Family Business & Entrepreneurship Global Trends Fashion Entrepreneurship
Minor (Choose one)
Marketing Consumer Behaviour Studies 1 Advertising Marketing Research International Marketing Strategic Marketing NA
Marketing Campaign Studies Retailing Consumer Behaviour Studies 2 Digital Marketing project Market Analytics NA
Finance Financial Management & Corporate Finance Accounting For Managers Investment Analysis And Portfolio Management Financial Markets And Institutions Public Financial Administration NA
Finance Treasury And Risk Management NA
Operations Operations Strategy Decision Analysis Service Operations Process Analysis Supply Chain Management NA
Operations Lean Production Systems Inventory Management Decision Analysis Forecasting Lean Production Systems NA
HR HR Fundamentals Performance Management: Systems and Strategies Compensation Management Personnel Management Concepts Employee Training & Development NA
HR Organisation Management Methodology of Training and Development Business Environment and Ethics Compensation & Benefits Leadership NA

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