Global Goals Jam 2019



The Biggest Service Design Jam – Global Goals Jam 2019 is happening in the World University of Design Campus. The campus has been hosting this Jam since 2 years successfully and would love to engage you in this Jam again.

World University of Design organises a service design jam every year with one of the SDG's (UNDP's Sustainable Development Goals) as focus. It's a Jam that has participants using Design thinking methodologies to work on their ideas and take them to the project proposal (Pitch) stage!

This time, #WUD has selected #SDG12 - Responsible Consumption & ethical production, with special focus on #eWaste!

Any and everyone with ideas how to tackle e-Waste, reduce/ reuse/ recycle it are welcome. Ideas can be in the form of a design/ product/ communication/ technology / or ideology. These ideas are taken, filtered, and the GGJ teams work on them to take them to the level of Idea pitch.

These Pitches are made to UNESCO, UNDP & Startup India at the same time! So if you think you have the ideas, you want to make a difference and learn how to do it, participate !! Great ideas are picked up at the UNDP level for implementation and scaling globally.

You are all welcome!

More about Global Goals Jam -

GGJ is an international platform for inclusive learning where people from all around the world who contribute to the 17 global goals for sustainable development share their stories and talk about their projects and vision for the future.
Global Goals Jam Delhi 3.0 will provide an opportunity wherein human minds from various sectors can ideate & work together with industry experts, gain valuable insights and shape their ideas better to create a better future for mankind.

You are invited !!!

A BRIEF ON SUSTAINABLE GOAL #12 – Responsible Consumption & Production

Sustainable consumption and production aims at “doing more and better with less”, increasing net welfare gains from economic activities by reducing resource use, degradation, and pollution, while increasing the quality of life. Participating teams are required to help solve the problem of e-waste and unsustainable consumption & production in general. Electronic waste, or e-waste, is a term for electronic products that have become unwanted, non-working or obsolete, and have essentially reached the end of their useful life.


Any professional & student (of any discipline - design, engineering, social sciences, medicine, law etc) wanting to bring about a change or having innovative ideas or desirous of learning service design can be a part of this event. Entry is through application and short-listing. Limited seats only.

 We are open to participation as 1. Participants, 2. Ideators 3. Mentors..:

1. Ideator

Be an ideator. Do you have an idea that you think can make an impact? Do you think you can work on the SDG - 12 Responsible consumption? Anyone with an idea can be one. Teams that will be formed during the Global Goals Jam will be working on your idea and you can make it big with the help of global platforms. No minimum educational qualification/ experience levied.

To apply as an ideator, explain your idea in not more than 1000 words. Please fill the form for application. The ideas will be selected by the esteemed Jury. The ideators whose ideas are not selected can still participate in the Jam as a participant.

Fees : Rs. 1000 only


2. Participant

Be a Participant. Do you want to learn Service Design Methodologies? Do you want to get introduced Design thinking processes? Are you passionate about the SDG's? Do you think you can create an impact?

To apply as a participant, please fill form for application on WUD website. The participant will be selected by the esteemed Jury. The participants will be notified about their selection.

Fees : Rs. 500 only

 For more information, write to



 If you think you can be a mentor, please write to

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