School of Visual Arts, WUD invites school & College students to participate in the digital art competition for the Metaverse named “ARTVERSE - 2022”


Virtual Reality is rapidly becoming commonplace as everyone is trying to create a place for themselves in the Metaverse. To represent themselves in the virtual space everyone would need an avatar of their own creation. What would it look like? What would it be wearing? Would it be human? Super-human? Animal? Or something new altogether?

The competition is about letting your imagination run wild in designing an original character that represents your aspirations and spirit. The competition is a search for creative minds/talents who can dive deep into the world of illustration and character designs. The key feature of this competition is that we will help you in understanding the concept and the medium. All registered entrants will be given a Masterclass by experts in the field of illustration & character design.

National Deadline for Registration: 31st March 2022.

Competition Categories:

We’re looking for entries that are distinctly humanoid (not cartoonish) and show diversity in representation (all genders and ethnicities are welcome), so please keep that in mind when you select a category. And remember, your design must be original and not items to add to an existing avatar. The categories are -

1. Superhero
2. Futuristic army/military soldier
3. Fashionista
4. Cyberpunk
5. Performing artist/ Musician/ Dancer
6. Everyday Professional
7. Character from Indian Mythology

1. Open to all the Nationalities.
2. One participant can submit only one Artwork.
3. Create your Avatar in A3 size sheet Portrait/Landscape in Handmade or Digital in color.
4. Age restriction:16 to 21 years.

How to Apply:

1. Register HERE latest by 31st March 2022 with a PARTICIPATION FEE OF RS. 250/- via Paytm at 7982780805 or UPI Id: 7982780805@paytm
2. Attend the Masterclass online on 18th April 2022 (Monday).
3. Design an Avatar on one or more of the categories below (multiple entries are NOT allowed). You could sketch it out on paper, illustrate it using 2D drawing software, or even model it in 3D. Traditional art, photographs, photo manipulations, collages, and animation are not accepted. The entry should follow generally accepted community rules. Entries construed as obscene would be disqualified.
4. Turn your design into an image file. Scan it, photograph it, or take a screen capture. We like to see all sides of your character, so don’t forget to show the front and the back!
5. Email your entry file to latest by 27th April 2022.
6. Group Participation is NOT allowed.
7. Upload your character on your Facebook or Instagram account with the comment “My entry to #Artverse2022”, Tag World University of Design on FB or sova_wud & wud. official on Insta by 27th April 2022.
8. Results will be announced on 6th May 2022.

Technical & Submission Criteria

1. The artwork may be submitted in the following format:

• High-resolution Artwork
• A3 Size: cm: (format W * H) 11.7 x 16.5 inches (Both for Handmade or Digital)
• File Size: Maximum file size is 4 Megabytes (4MB)
• File Format: In the case of Handmade work Scan your file & Save it as a PDF for quick and easy upload & For Digital submission export your artwork and save it in PDF.
• Each participant should submit one entry only.
• Entries must be submitted on/ before 27th April 2022, Wednesday.
• All artworks should briefly explain how they best encapsulate the essence of the chosen theme at least in 200 words.
• Participant name or identifying mark must not appear on the Artwork; however, the participant has to write the name, school name/college name, and contact number as text.
• All Artwork should be the original work of the participant. Any participant found violating rules and regulations will be disqualified from the competition.
• Decision of jury will be considered final

2. A single-page PDF document containing the following compulsory information - NAME, DOB, EMAIL, COUNTRY, SHORT BIO (not more than 200 words)

3. Profile photo of the Participant.

4. Complete these Three above mentioned sections and send us at with the subject heading
“Chosen Theme _your full name _Registration I’d”.
Example “Superhero _Harsh Mehta_ artverse2200”

Judgment Criteria:

Winners will be selected based on the following 3 criteria:

Originality: Does your entry exhibit an original style or aesthetic
Realism: Does your entry look realistically proportioned and detailed?
Creativity: How unique or creative is your entry?

As part of this activity, the organization would facilitate:

1. A digital Catalogue will be published.
2. We will have three cash awards; all awarded participants will be felicitated with certificates and cash prizes from the World University of Design.
3. Participation Certificates will be given to all registered participants.
4. Competition will be judged by a panel of Professionals & Renowned digital artists.


• 1st Award – Winner Certificate (Hard Copy) + E-catalog space
• 2nd Award – Runner up Certificate (Hard Copy) + E-Catalog space
• 3rd Award - Runner up Certificate (Hard Copy) + E-Catalog space
• Participation E- Certificates for all + E-Catalog

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