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Guidelines for Authors

Carefully read the submission guidelines :


The submission must deal with theoretical, methodological, applied or empirical work in the field of Arts, Architecture, or Design, representing various methodological traditions (quantitative, qualitative, mixed methods) and disciplines. Regardless of the type of paper, methodological tradition, or disciplinary perspective, authors are expected to situate their work in the existing literature.

Expectations from Authors

Prior to submitting the paper, please make sure that the same is: (a) adequately situated in the domain studies literature; (b) meets the appropriate word/page limit, (c) has been carefully proofread; and (d) adheres to the prescribed style . All work must be original, and cannot have been published or be under review elsewhere. Portions that are identical or near-identical to previously published work by authors should be properly noted, cited and, if necessary, permission to reproduce the same from the publisher needs to be obtained in advance.

Stylistic Conventions

All papers are expected to adhere to the stylistic conventions of APA Style.

Review and corrections

If a paper passes the preliminary review, it will be assigned to reviewers. Authors invited to engage in a revision will be
provided 30 days to submit their revision; otherwise, the paper may be automatically rejected. The authors must submit a point by point reply to the referees’ remarks and suggestions and incorporate the suggested changes in the manuscript. All changes and modifications should be highlighted. The final decision to accept or reject will be conveyed after reviewing the response to reviewers’ queries.