Design Strategy & Management (3-Year BBA and 2-Year MBA)

Design & Strategy Management courses are built on strong foundation of design thinking and holistic business management. The program offers a mix of inputs on latest design thinking methods and combines them with real life case studies and applications from the business world. The program builds the critical thinking and execution skills required in today’s worlds and prepare the learners to use design to solve real life problems faced by industry and society.

The program aims to produce business leaders who can leverage the power of Design for business value creation, positive social impact and overall economic growth. The program has been primarily developed with industry focus with specific inputs related to innovation and strategy, besides a solid foundation in the management disciplines. Management courses include - Organizational Behaviour & Principles & Practices of Management, Statistical & Quantitative Analysis, Accounting for Managers, Managerial Economics, Legal Aspects Of Business, Financial Management, Human Resource Management, Production & Operations Management, Marketing Management, Research Methodology and Operations Research, Consumer Behaviour, Marketing Research and Quality Management.

A range of interactive teaching methods is used in the program delivery. With strong emphasis on reflective learning based on collaborative problem solving, traditional lectures are complimented with group discussions, workshops, fieldwork and explorations. Modules are taught through seminars, workshops and project work. Emphasis is on creating an exciting and charged environment. The program significantly improves the employability as students emerge with leadership capabilities and are equipped with key management skills enabling them to take a lead in strategic decisions.

Careers: This program opens up a completely new world of ‘Career Possibilities’ as compared to a traditional BBA or MBA program. Besides usual management roles, WUD graduates will be able to find important roles in Innovation management, new ventures, venture capital, private equity, management consulting, strategic planning, product planning, product marketing, product development and other exciting areas of work. Our students will be highly valued by employers in technology-related or consumer products industries. Students will be ready to take on the roles of team managers, project managers, and functional managers and will be on the fast track to becoming general managers, a vice presidents or CEOs.

BBA (Strategic Design Management) Curriculum

Retail Business Management (3-Year BBA)

The program takes an innovative and progressive approach to addressing issues intrinsic to the evolution and transformation of retail businesses. Retail is a major sector of the Indian and Global economy. India is the second largest retail market in the world. Retailers today deal with challenges like increased levels of competition, growth of the internet and e-commerce, new forms of technology and the changing profiles of consumers. As a result, retail organizations require leaders with the necessary skills to address these challenges.

The program is aligned to the typical needs of the current & future Indian retail scenario and brand spaces, as also to emerging retail spaces like exhibitions, events, museums etc. The course provides students with the knowledge, insight and skills needed to follow a successful management career in the retail or wholesale fields. The variety of retail and wholesale business is virtually unlimited and includes departmental stores, hyper marts, shopping centers, specialty stores, general dealers, chain stores, supermarkets, factory stores, boutiques, brand stores and restaurants. This qualification will form a strong base for further specializations.

Careers: The retail industry offers national and international career opportunities for the graduate. Graduates can choose from a wide variety of entry level positions, e.g. as a trainee manager or a position in buying, stock control, merchandising, sales, administration, logistics, housekeeping or the finance section of a retail business. Graduates who want to start their own businesses will benefit from the entrepreneurship component of this course.

BBA (Retail Bussiness Management) Curriculum

Executive MBA – Design Strategy & Management

World University of Design offers an executive MBA in Design Strategy & Management. This is a holistic program in Design Strategy & Management covering Strategy formulation along the lines of Design thinking, Strategic Innovation via the Management principles aligned to the design principles. Design thinking led innovation is becoming the current mantra.

What could be a better place to learn all this than a Design University?

About the program:
Through this program, participants will gain the tools that will be useful to create design strategies, design led innovation strategies across the various industries. Industries have adopted Design strategy & Innovation as the lifeline to survive and grow. The Participants in this program will be able to leverage their learning in their organisations by joining the Innovation team, leading design teams, being strategy team members and lead teams better post this MBA.

The curriculum has been designed in a way that will allow working professionals to learn as well as continue with their jobs. A working professional desires learning that’s engaging and enjoyable so that the learning becomes easy and applicable too. This MBA offers exactly the learning environment and infrastructure to suit this need.

Scope :
Various industries ranging from IT, Manufacturing, Fashion, Logistics, Pharmacy, banking etc have huge teams in design. Today, the world is moving to a new media era of AI & VR (Artificial Intelligence & Virtual Reality). This means there will be a huge need for Design Strategist s in the above industries. Tomorrow only a generic MBA will not suffice to survive. The participants will imbibe and enhance their creative thinking ability & build up their innovation capacity via this program. This will prepare them for future and enable them to create better opportunities for themselves to survive the challenges future brings in.

MBA (Design Strategy & Management) Curriculum

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