Graphic Communication Design (4-Year B.Des, 2-Year M.Des)

The program prepares a sound theoretical and conceptual understanding of Graphic Communication Design besides imparting software application skills, thus preparing a thoroughly professional graphic designer. Graphic design is a creative, strategic, managerial, and technical activity that helps produce visual solutions to communication problems. A Graphic Design would typically be able to integrate the idioms and approaches of diverse disciplines such as science, medicine, engineering and information technology into a cross-disciplinary input to achieve a collaborative, multi-dimensional and hybrid visual output.

Graphic Design is one aspect of Communication Design that’s focused around on topics like typography and type design, illustration and photography, packaging and print design, signage design and corporate identity systems. IT applications add fields of computer graphics, multimedia and web design. Students learn to use professionally software like Adobe Creative Cloud, Sound forge etc.

Careers: A Graphic Communication Design graduate will be able to engage in identity design; typography; editorial and publication design; information design; illustration; photography; packaging; design for social impact; broadcast graphics and film titles, web and game interface design; interaction, environmental and exhibition graphics; merchandise; signage and pictogram systems; data visualization; and any other activity within print, online and offline shaping of visual form.

B.Des (Graphic Design) Curriculum

M.Des (Communication Design) Curriculum

Animation & Game Design (4-Year B.Des)

Animation & Games Industry in India is acquiring a global identity providing many employment opportunities around the globe. It has also been playing a key role in establishing the country as an outsourcing facility for the European and the North American sector. Animation and Game development industry has been tagging along since a very long time. They are identified as key economic boosting areas for the entertainment industry and overall economy growth factor for India. With the ever-growing technology development in VR and AR industry and penetration across platforms like mobiles, tablets, consoles and PCs; Animation and Games industry is exploding and evolving continuously. Animation & Game Design course prepares students to create solutions through design medium with creativity as the focal point. The course exclusively deals with Animation, Games on a large scale especially focusing on the entertainment industry.

During the course students will be equipped with skills and techniques of animation and games such as Visual Development, Fundamentals of Animation And Game Development, Character Design & Story Boarding, Stop-motion, VFX for Film & Games, 3D Art, Environment Art, Character Design, Creature Design, Concept Art, Level Design, Lighting and CGI skill-set maintaining strict level of Industry standard practices and standards along with Industry professionals/ experts guidance and support. The students will go through the entire production pipeline and process right from ideation to screen for an Animation till manufacturing a full-scale playable environment for games. The essential grasp over the narrative content combined with proficiency with design techniques goes toward creating an effective piece of communication.

The course strikes a balance between technology and art, the ever-evolving trends and changing technology are integrated seamlessly in the design process. The program facilitates Industry Internship as well as Industry Project and visits with chances of Student Exchange with reputed Universities abroad like VFS and ECUAD

Careers:There are huge prospects in Animation & Game Design career. Today developing games find a use not only in entertainment industry, but in Education, Banking, Marketing, sports, aviation and many other verticals. A learner can develop his career as Art Director, Concept Artist, Environment Artist, Material Artist, Principal Artist, Visualizer, Level Designer, Game Developer, Game Tester, etc., based on their own strengths and interest areas. Today, there are lot of game studios and art companies in India the demand is drastically increasing especially in PC Mobile and Social gaming sector, which also strongly increases the scope of Entrepreneurship in the Industry.

B.Des (Animation and Game Design) Curriculum

Film & Video (4-Year B.Des)

The course has been designed keeping in mind the socio-technical change brought about by the advent of Digital Technology, making film and video format accessible to all as a tool of self-expression, social communication, corporate branding and pure entertainment. With a strong emphasis on narrative content, the course will sensitize students to the concepts of design in cinema and its application, and also get them to master the craftsmanship and its allied tools. They will observe, creatively participate and construct films from all genres.

Topics like Photography, Instructional Films Making, Videography, Film Language / Film Theory, Cinematography, Editing, Script Writing, Production Design etc., will help develop a strong conceptual understanding of all the important aspects of Film and Video Design. Inputs in basic Documentary Films, Fictional Film, Music Video, Promotional Films, Advertisement Films, Multi-camera, Instructional Films and exploratory Documentary will add depth to the program. This diversified yet specialized approach to cinema will provide the scope to find space and excel in their field of expertise in this vast world of cinema

Careers:After undergoing the comprehensive FVD course, the students find their calling in various aspects of film making as writer, directors, cinematographer, editor, VFX designer, art director etc. While graduates may make a rewarding career as a freelance film-maker, scope also exist for working in production houses and companies.

B. Des. (Film and Video) Curriculum

GRAPHIC & WEB DESIGN (1-Year Diploma)

Today's graphic designers must know current technologies and be aware of the rapidly changing image market. Graphic and Web Design classes emphasize design and creativity while providing intensive technical training. Instruction is flexible and inclusive, enabling both the beginning and advanced student to make great strides during this course. In this introduction to visual communication concepts and tools, you learn the fundamentals of typography, graphic design, and layout, as well as digital skills. The class includes basic design, type, image, illustration exercises using Adobe suite. Develop the essential design skills you need to produce graphics for print, advertising, corporate identity, and other interactive media. Website Design concepts, HTML & JavaScript, Search Engine Optimisation, Web Page Design, Mobile apps, Assignment & Portfolio building are also part of the program.

Careers: Graphics & web designers get jobs in Advertising agencies, Graphic design studios, Print & publishing houses, TV & Multimedia production houses, E-learning companies, Website development studios and Web Design Studios.

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