Enhance Your Career with the Best Design College in India

Education from the best design college in India will help you understand the business better and proceed with all the confidence in the world.

World School of design (WSD) has been established with a view to respond to the very need of making India meet the international standards through the right training, education and research in varied creative fields like Design, Visual Arts, Design Management and Architecture.

School of Design, WSD offers following six programs:

  • Product Design- For creating a feasible yet viable product with great usability quotient
  • Interior Design- Manipulating the available spatial volume and organizing the interior space in the best way possible
  • Industrial Design- Enhance the ability to ideate and realise innovative products and systems with applied visualisation, thinking and innovation for best industry usage
  • Retail Design- Learning a progressive approach for addressing design issues and varied other intrinsically evolutional and transformative retail formats with balanced spatial manipulation, materials, lighting and human factors
  • Transportation Design- Development of the appearance with balanced ergonomics of non- motorised and motorised devices for all modes of transport.
  • Lifestyle accessory Design- To create inspiring products to accentuate and enhance the userÔÇÖs lifestyle.

The creative courses offered by WSD are not limited to design.

Visual arts- Creative painting, contemporary art practice, art and design history, fashion art, photography and curatorial practices in art are all part of School of Visual Art. Courses are designed for innovative souls to reflect their thoughts on canvases and other modes.

Management-Retail business management and design strategy & management are the courses to choose from, in the division of management studies. The management education approach at WSD allows the holistic formation of the future leaders with unparalleled professional competence and unbeatable qualities.

Architecture- Architecture is a visual art form in its own way, and the building created speaks for them-selves. There will always be an ever-growing demand for buildings where architecture plays a crucial role. If you wish to gain architectural education then understanding the roots of the culture and environment is also something to be noted, and all this knowledge is being imparted to the ÔÇÿplanning & architectureÔÇÖ students at WSD.

For WSD, the focus lies on more than one aspect of the business. Those attending really get to look at the bigger picture and find their place within the setup. When combined together, all of the elements taught provide one great background that can be drawn upon for an enriching, fruitful career.

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