Unexplored Spaces – A National Artists Camp at World School of Design

Education in Visual Arts is one of the major initiatives of the World School of Design along with Architecture and Design. We have already announced four new post-graduate courses in Contemporary Art Practice, Art & Design History, Curatorial Practices in Arts, Fashion Art and graduate courses in Creative Painting and Photography from the academic year 2017. As a prelude to this we are setting up an art gallery of Contemporary Art in the School of Visual Arts. The ÔÇ£Unexplored SpacesÔÇØ is a curatorial art camp project of the World School of Design in which young and established artists belonging to various parts of the country who are settled in Delhi will be coming together for the exchange of ideas and creative expressions. This National art Camp is curated by Prof. Ajaya Kumar, Dean – School of Visual Arts, World School of Design and Prof. Abhimanue, College of Arts, Delhi.

The concept of space has always been an area of creative┬áencounter ever since the origination of images in human life. The persistence, enunciation and manifestations of space is the┬áessential┬áforce of all the visual and non-visual expressions┬áthroughout the ages. It is also┬ávery significant to note that┬áthe post modern French philosopher Jacques Derrida did redefine┬áall the Visual┬áand Performing Arts as Spatial Arts. Space plays a vital role in the physical and metaphysical forms of human existence. Unexplored Spaces┬áis curatorial┬áproject which proposes artists to liberally interpret their own creative endeavours’ in┬áart┬áwith┬áspecific importance to the tangible practice of painting. The artists camp is intended to be a venue of exchange of ideas on Unexplored spaces and contexts prevailing┬áin each artists creative work and thought┬áprocess.

Curators:┬áProf. Ajaya Kumar,┬áDean ÔÇô School of Visual Arts, WSD and Prof. Abhimanue, College of Art, New Delhi

Participants: Eleven well known young Artists settled in New Delhi, representing various parts of the country who are associated with artists community / institutions of various states. – Abhijit Saikia, Abhishek Narayan Verma, Aditi Aggarwal, Anjum Chaturvedi, Anni Kumari, Bhuvanesh Kumar, Birender Yadav, Chetnaa, Prasoon Poddar, Shivani Bhalla, and Uday Singh

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