Study Business Management: Measuring Infinite Improvement

Management is an art as it fulfills the requirement of special skills to turn to good out of bad. Science provides knowledge and art deals with the application of knowledge and skills. A good manager will always set goals and plan the ideas before the execution of activities. It is a managerÔÇÖs capability to make things crispy and interesting and further deal with people constructively to get them to work and deal with them. So, if you are looking to study in some BBA institute in Delhi, mark my words that none other than WSD can provide the best knowledge about management and it is the concern to groom you before you enter the corporate world.


SchoolÔÇÖs approach is to teach inter-related functions along with the coordination and direction of human approach. Management is the development of strong relationship among people, and to interact with people positively/productive to serve the organizationÔÇÖs goal. We provide knowledge to bring harmony between human, financial resources. This on-going process is concerned with identifying problems within and solves them.

Design Strategy and Management and BBA in Retail Business Management are the two courses being offered at WSDÔÇÖs School of Management.

Design Strategy and Management ÔÇô The ground focus of this course is to provide skills and knowledge about the designing of the products. Study of market & management, design thinking & management, consumer behavior, organization & system studies will be highly entertained. The college focuses on business decisions and strategies, innovation of ideas, the creation of effective-designed products, services, communication with the client and the company, branding. WSD follows an approach where students can learn individually and in groups, special workshops are also offered with the field-based research, to allow students to explore all the economic and cultural aspects of the society.

Retail Business Management ÔÇô The primary objective is to ensure that the students are getting a better understanding of goods and services produced by a company. Through retail management a company promotes their sales and prior to that customer satisfaction, keeping in mind. It requires a deep knowledge and sense about the marketing and what is new in the market. So research is done before the accomplishment of the goals. Programme is developed to provide specific field industry knowledge and management skills. Programme achievement is done when they provide adequate education of art & science of retailing, fashion & food.

It opens employment platforms like managing of brands, marketer, requires understanding the behavior of customers, product manager, trade analyst, also international market, fashion and lifestyle, business development manager and retail manager.


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