2 Year PG Programme in Retail Design

FOCUS: ÔÇô Considering the fact that India comes in the second place of the retail market, this retail designing PG program is designed to meet the needs and demands of the Indian retail setup and brand spaces. The program keeps in focus the designing issues, essentials of the evolution and changes based on the Indian retail format and ambience.

CONTENT: The program intakes the charge of making students understand the basic and essentials of the Indian retail market. The program comprises of the diverse segments of art and design history, the theory of spatial manipulation, structures, drawing, materials and processes, lighting and technology, typography, human factors, and the theory and specifics of retail design.

CAREERS: To become a professional in the field, one must need to design and implement the retail spaces. They can also pursue to become visual merchandisers and designers and can take the responsibility to the sell and promote the products.


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