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This blog is written by Sambhavi Gupta, Student – World University of Design.

She expresses her thoughts on the Exchange program she is a part of, via the collaboration within World University of Design & Emily Carr University. It is a good read for every student who aspires to be taking part in the exchange semester program via World University of Design. This blog represents her views as is.

My desire to study abroad was motivated by the fascination and curiosity to learn more about different culture and educational settings.

My past education and extracurricular activities have prepared me with the basic foundation, but I consider that an exposure to a foreign and international environment would no doubt provide me with the opportunity to widen my perspective and to improve my networking ability with people of different culture and nationalities. With this valuable experience, I can equip myself better to adapt to this competitive and changing environment.

It will almost certainly be a worthwhile investment and life changing adventure.

But I made sure to know the facts. I checked partner university websites for official data, and student forums for a wider range of opinions. I shortlisted my options for the Universities I wanted to apply for.

Emily Carr University of Art + Design was the university I opted to go to for student exchange.


Be nominated by your home university

To be nominated by my university I made sure to meet the eligibility criteria to apply for student exchange i.e. to have 120 credits by the end of second year & to not have any discipline cases against the student.


Application process

Next step was to complete the online student exchange application. During the application, I needed to upload the following documents online required by Emily CarrUniversity:

  • A 300 words of Statement of Intent – Writing a unique and appropriate statement of intent was probably the hardest thing to write. I made sure to let them know about why I want to join them? What is my inspiration and aim? What are my achievements and experiences? What I expect from them? What I have to share with them? And why I am probably the best option as an exchange student?
  • A portfolio of 10-15 works–A portfolio is a reflection of you and your work as a professional that will show off your skills and talent. I selected my best projects, and started with something that’s going to grab the viewer’s attention. I tried to avoid repetition and redundancy. Also, I learned that not every project has to be a full blown case study; so I selected some projects to show off specific design skills. I added some projects which let the viewers know about how I think and solve a design problem via a process. I added a summary about every work in it, informing them about my inspiration, thinking & design process.

Also, I attached my resume with the portfolio which incorporated a brief summary of personal, educational, professional experiences, skills and achievements.

  • Course Choice – I made sure to know what my possible options are. I selected the courses which I have interest in and wanted to explore & learn more about it. Also, those which are relevant and meet the requirements for the course I am studying at my home Uni.

Upon completion of the application I needed to email an official transcript as well.


Getting the infamous Visa

After I got my acceptance letter, the first thing I did was, I applied for online student Visa.Which is said to be the fastest process. Unfortunately, getting one for me wasn’t easy due to the peak time at the embassy. Although it was very inconvenient, it was very doable. Here’s how – I collected all the documents required to apply for the student Visa.

  1. A valid passport
  2. Letter of Acceptance from the university
  3. ITR’s & Computation
  4. Sponsorship Letter from Guardian
  5. Passport quality photos

When I finally got my Visa I booked my flight tickets and arranged a medical insurance according to it. Also, I looked into any accommodation available.


I hope this exchange can help me with self-development and awareness leading to enhanced self-confidence and self-esteem. It will make me more mature and social poised by making me confront challenges outside a familiar support network and comfort zone. Also, it will lead to development of life-long friendships and relationships.

I look forward to soak in everything, learn new things, meet new people, exchange ideas and see Vancouver!


Quick Tips:

If you also thinking to apply for student exchange, keep some of these tips in mind –

  • Ensure your paperwork is correct.
  • Register for your courses on time! You don’t want to lose your credits.
  • Send out your Visa application at least two months in advance. There’s nothing worse than not having visa the day you’re supposed to leave.
  • Also, make copies of everything!Having copies of all documents will save you time, energy and most important, money.
  • Make the most out of the experience: Homesickness is OK but don’t let it consume you.
  • Don’t be afraid to get out of your comfort zone.


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