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Visual Arts represent wide-ranging areas of artistic practices in which Creative painting, environmental art and technology based arts are being given primary importance. This is a space in which both traditional and non-traditional methods and materials co-exist with shared arenas of expression.

A manifestation of theoretical knowledge with the physical involvement of artist is the academic necessity of our times. Specializations in specific branches and cross disciplinary studies are the distinctive nature of the courses in the School of Visual Arts.


School of Visual Arts has been conceived as a learning center of multiple practices in contemporary art. Students of the PG Course in Visual Arts also have the choice of focusing on Creative Painting or Art and Environment in which technology based art is also an integral part of the program. Though the UG program of creative painting lay importance to the classical methods of studio practices, specific importance has been given to new /multimedia practices. This is conceived with the intention that students should not be left out from the institution without classical and technological practice.


BVA - Creative Painting

FOCUS: Creative painting practices have evolved through the ages with the manifestation of intuitive application of skills and conceptual acumen. Classical, Modern and Folk approaches in the medium and material brought forth sweeping changes in Creative painting and the school of Visual arts has been programmed to address multiple issues related to this in the contemporary scenario.

CONTENT: The programme has been conceived to develop contemporary approaches in painting on the background of the advancement of technology in visual arts. The program provides inputs in multiple practices in traditional and modern streams of art, introducing a liberal choice to the students in specializing her/his individual expression.


Drawing / Portrait Photography Mural Western Art
Creative Painting Modern Western Art Indian Art   Aesthetics
Graphic Design Contemporary Indian Art Painting – Portrait Drawing Full Figure
Contemporary Eastern And Middle Art Contemporary Asian Art Modern Indian Art Contemporary Art Projects
Contemporary middle Eastern Arts And Ideas Multi Media/new media Print Making  
Contemporary European Art project Contemporary European Art Ancient Indian Art  Thesis Project

CAREERS: Apart from practicing as a freelance painter a graduate in Creative Painting have the choice of placement as a faculty in schools/ colleges of Fine Arts, as artist in Advertising firms/ government departments/ museums, as consultant with Galleries, Art Patrons and Connoisseurs.

BVA - Applied Arts

FOCUS: Applied Art is a contemporary form of art used as a powerful tool for visual publicity, especially in the immensely creative, rewarding and vital field of advertising. A powerful tool of communication, Applied Art gives full exposure to advertising using both print and electronic media

CONTENT:This professional, in-demand career-oriented program features an in-depth, sector-focused and ever-evolving curriculum designed to instil creative sensibilities and groom aspirants to attain professional competence as Applied Artists. Students will specialize in the knowledge and use of hand and digital tools required for creative design (conceptualization, layout, image manipulation, etc) across media from print to outdoor and web. The syllabus is designed to sharpen artistic intellectual and creative sensibilities for applying in a functional and market oriented world.


Visual Thinking History of Art & Design Digital Methods Social Campaign Design
Drawing Analyzing Advertisement Typography Branding Design
Fundamental of Design Elements of Graphics Advance Photography Media Management
Basic Photography Commercial Campaign Design Trans-Media Story Telling Research methodology
Printing Prepress & Reproduction PoS &Visual Merchandizing Creative (Copy) Writing Strategy and Media Planning
Computer Graphics & Illustration Design Drawing Illustration Brand & Branding Thesis Project

CAREERS: CAREER Applied Art as a professional skill finds high demand in the advertising industry worldwide, comprising of creative agencies, graphic design studios, magazines, advertising firms, newspapers, etc. Careers also exist in public sector and perform in various roles such as art director, visualizer, printing institutes’ layout designers, set directors and so on. They can work as teachers or can even start their own art studios, advertising companies, etc.


Eligibility 3/4 years Bachelors degree in Design, Fine Arts or corresponding qualification. Admission through aptitude test and portfolio review & interview.

MVA - Art and Curatorial Practices

FOCUS: Contemporary art galleries and museums demand the need of professional expertise in curating exhibitions, shows and in the display of works of art. This program offers the student to develop intellectual and practical knowledge in practicing organizational skills in designing and presenting the art object as well as contextually imparting it in the public domain.

CONTENT: The program provides a wide range of subjects like history of art, aesthetics, critical writing, concepts and contexts of museums and art gallery practices, exhibition design and cultural studies in contemporary art. Emphasis is on hands-on work with experts in the field and professional networking.


Curatorial practices Art and calligraphy Museums and artifacts Museum and display of art objects
History of Indian Art Museums and art galleries Museums in India Contemporary museums
History of European Art Writing on ancient arts Museums in Europe Contemporary writing
Art and culture
Art of china and Japan Writing on contemporary art Museum and museology Exhibitions in Art Galleries

CAREERS: Graduates find employment as curator to different museums, state or private funded galleries, in administration & management of art galleries, as faculty in universities, or art critic in magazines and journals, art development agencies, education & interpretations, art publishing, etc.

MVA - Fashion Art

FOCUS: Fashion as an artefact of culture teaches us about the history of our society as well as that of other societies'.

CONTENT: The specialisation will cover high fashion makeup, tattooing, hair do, body painting and nail art through different medium, illustration, graphic and visual art forms to reveal fashion statements. A stylist, or a makeup artist uses styling techniques and makeup to improve the overall appearance of an actor, model, or other client .


History And Practice Of Fashion Trends And Trends Setting In Fashion Body As A Canvas Textiles And Fashion
Fashion Movement Fashion Culture In Eastern And Middle Eastern Countries Cultural Aspects Of Fashion Design And Fashion
Fashion Culture In Europe Materials And Methods In Fashion Design Fashion As Art In Films  
Fashion As Art In Spectacle Shows Images And Its Articulation In Fashion Human Body And Fashion Dissertation

CAREERS: As a professional, you will be part of the transformation of fashion and other contemporary creative industries.

MVA - Art & Design History

FOCUS: The programme provides an interdisciplinary study of the history of art and design, reinventing the larger area of the history of art in which design was an important element of expression. Art and design has been an integral part of all the civilizations and also in the Folk and Tribal Culture.

CONTENT: Courses cover historical development of civilizations and art in relation with design, motifs and forms in ancient seals, coins & icons; Contexts and concepts of design in architecture and sculpture, as well as modernism and modernity in design and art.


Art and design history Art and design Aesthetics and design Applied areas of design
Art in ancient India Origins of design in India Avant gard art and design Post-modernism and design
Art and ancient civilization Design and ancient civilization Constructivism and design Art history and design
Art and  Chinese civilization Design and cultural icons Design in Rural India Design and Tribal arts of India

CAREERS: The programme creates scope and opening in the fields of education, curation and journalism.

MVA - Contemporary Art Practice

FOCUS: The programme focuses on Creative Painting and Art and Environment/Technology interface.

CONTENT:The program will provide substantial training in studio practices of creative painting with a contemporary outlook which hosts the regional, national and international movements in art and culture. Art and environment /technology interface will provide the art student with the experimentation of multiple mediums, materials and new media art, both in environment and gallery. Students will develop individual creative practice through exhibitions, residencies, public art projects and many other forms of arts-related activity.


Creative Painting Art And Environment Still Photography
Sculpture/Drawing Art And Technology Movie Photography
Western Art Asian Art New Media Art
Indian Art Contemporary Folk /Tribal /Rural Art Of India Digital Experience
Philosophy Of Art Contemporary Arts And Ideas Dissertation

CAREERS: Options include independent production, publishing, advertising, curatorial and archive work, picture research, arts administration, teaching and community arts.


Eligibility : 10 + 2 or equivalent. Admission through personal interview.

Photography Diploma

FOCUS: Photography is about an idea, a message, or an emotion. That idea or message may be something small, a single word, or it may be a whole statement that the photographer wants to explore.

CONTENT: The photography programme will help students learn the basics & essentials, gain the requisite skills and develop a style required to be a successful photographer - History of photography, professional photography techniques, Lighting, Photography equipment, Digitally editing, Photo manipulation techniques; Travel, outdoors, nature and landscapes, Macro, Portrait photography, Wedding photography, Product and advertisement photography, Fashion and Sports photography; Photojournalism.

CAREERS: The programme has prospects in advertising, fashion industry, news media and as freelance photographer.


Prof. SM Kulkarni is a graduate of Sir J.J. School of Arts, Bombay, post graduate from College of Fine Arts, Baroda and a second post graduation from National Institute of Design, AHMEDABAD. Prior to joining WUD, he was the Dean of Sushant School of Design at Ansal University. He has also taught at NIFT, IICD, FDDI and Banasthali University, Rajasthan. Besides teaching, Prof. Kulkarni has over 30 years of consulting experience. Some of his prestigious assignments include the Golden Eye Exhibition at Copper Hewits Museum New York, as part of Festival of India; Apana Ustav (New Delhi); Timeless art Exhibition for Times of India Centenary Celebration; Muzaffar Ali for film Zooni etc. The repertoire of clients also includes Ritu Kumar, UNDP, SEWA, Findia Foundation, NCJD & Ministry of Textiles.

A gold medalist from Faculty of Fine Arts, MS University of Baroda, Rahul Bhattacharya is a cultural theorist, pursuing writing, curating exhibitions and building art education spaces. He has initiated many long term public art projects, especially in the capacity of Co founder of ‘Regional Arts, Performance and Events’, Joint Secretary of Performers independent and the founder organizer of Kolkata International Performance Art Festival. He is Editor of and former Managing Editor of Art & Deal Magazine and As a curator he specializes in exhibition design and outreach doing seminal shows like the 'Drifters', heading outreach programs for Coovum Art Festival and the film Rang Rasia.

A Ph.D in visual communication from Indian Institute of Technology Guwahati (IIT); Preeti has a M.Phil & MVA in Applied Art from Dr. B.R. Ambedekar University Agra, and BFA in Applied Arts from the Rajasthan School of Art Jaipur. She has been a visiting research fellow at Politecnico di Milano, Italy, School of Design. Her other research interests are in the field of Advertising, Brand identity, Packaging, Visual communication. She presented six papers in international conferences and has been awarded the most distinguished paper presenter at the international conference of research into design ICORD’17. One of her papers has been short listed for young research award. She has 10 years teaching experience in renowned universities and institutes of India among are Amity University, Apeejay college of Fine Arts, District Institute of Education & Training.

Neeraj Rathee is an alumni of College of Art, Delhi (MFA, BFA), University of Delhi with specialisation in Applied Art. He has been awarded with Pt. Ravi Shankar Award & Swapan Biswas Award, highest awards in Applied art specialization along with many prizes. His experience is in the field of Campaign planning, Graphic design and Illustration. He has delivered several guest lectures in College of Art, Delhi for poster design and press design courses.


Manjot Kaur is an interdisciplinary artist practicing painting, land art, video art, installation and performance. She studied visual arts in the field of painting and is now working vividly in the field of public and environmental art. Passionate about ecology, conservation and the ephemeral she likes to wander into natural places. Her research explores the impermanence and shared invisible bonds of existence that makes human more humane. She is recipient of Chandigarh Lalit Kala Akademi award, University Gold Medal for MFA 2012, Travel Grant to UK and many more. Her work is in collection of Govt. Museum and Art Gallery, Chandigarh; Private collection with eminent art historian BN Goswamy and others. She has participated in various national and international artist residencies. She is currently an associate member of Punjab Lalit Kala Akademi.

Samudra Kajal Saikia is a practitioner of interdisciplinary art practices (including performance, theatre, public art, creative writing, cultural criticism) and a researcher. After completing BFA from Viswabharati, Santiniketan and MVA from M S University of Baroda (in Art History and Aesthetics) he co-founded a company to work in the media entertainment industries in New Delhi, and also co-founded art curatorial and pedagogical initiatives like Regional Art, Performance and Events (R.A.P.E), and Nine Schools of Art, New Delhi. He is practitioner of a distinctive performative practice that is coined as the Disposable Theatre instigating collaborations and cross genre experimentation. Samudra was the recipient of FICA Public Art Grant, 2010 before he receives the Ila Dalmia FICA Research Grant in 2013. He is also building the first ever publicly accessible digital archive of “Performance Art in India” for Asia Art Archive.


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