Steve Jobs’ successful use of Design Strategy has woken industry to its potential in the field of Business Management. Today industry seeks design as the savior for various aspects of growth and fulfillment.
In recent years India has made fast progress in the field of Design Strategy and Management. Not only have corporates and government organizations embraced it, but start-ups have also benefited from it.
Design Strategy is now an important part of Business Management. Students opting for this program at the best university of design in India will learn Design Strategy and Management in tandem with the Principles of Design and its applications. The program offers a strong platform for co-creation and growth, leading to a fulfilling career in various industrial sectors, including IT, Pharma, Manlog, BFSI, FMCG, etc.
We, at the School of Management in World University of Design, strive to bridge the gap between industry and education. It is our ongoing endeavor to equip students with the abilities and skills to create the future!